Get The Right Dentures For Each Patient

Every patient deserves the best possible care, and Rayner & Eve Ltd offers a three-tier service with different levels to suit each patient’s individual requirements. We offer a range of materials to process the dentures including injection acrylics, high impact acrylics and flexible denture base.

Private Plus Service

Designed for the most discerning patients, this service provides the best in craftsmanship and materials. We include full contouring and stippling as required and all partials are returned on duplicate models. We always have a large stock of high quality teeth and are happy to use either anatomical or plain-line articulators. Chromes are manufactured in Vitallium or equivalent alloy.

We also provide a range of flexible dentures and flexible tooth coloured or transparent clasps.

Both Roy Eve and Mark Rayner are Straumann platinum accredited implant technicians. Click here for more details. We are very experienced in the use of implant retained dentures.

If your patients require that little extra, why not send them to Roy who will treat them in the comfort of our in house surgery and ensure the best outcome. Please call us for details.

Private / Independent Service

This service provides a high standard of work at a reasonable cost. We include contouring as required and all partials are returned on duplicate models. We stock a very comprehensive range of Mid Range teeth.

Standard / NHS Service

Although geared to the economics of the Health Service, our many years of experience in this field together with our quality system ensures that this work is maintained to a high standard. We include pink veined acrylic and good quality teeth; all partials are returned on duplicate models.

Express Services

For those occasion when speed is a priority, we are happy to offer an express service at 25 % extra cost.

Why not call us today to find out more about our fantastic service?

Repairs and Additions

We provide a 24 hour service for repairs and additions and can offer your patients a while you wait service if they come to our laboratory.